The Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) is a non-profit medical research institute dedicated to the support of those with a spectrum of neuro-immune diseases (NIDs) including: myalgic encephalomyelitis, (ME), fibromyalgia, and similar complex chronic diseases of the immune system and the brain.

The WPI was founded in 2005 by the Whittemore family, in honor of a family member and her dedicated physician, Dr. Daniel Peterson. The WPI is housed in the Center for Molecular Medicine, a medical research facility on the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine campus. The building was funded through private, state, and federal grant support in 2005. Ongoing support for WPI’s programming was approved in 2007 by Governor Guinn and the Nevada Legislature.

We support treatment discovery through clinical research; advance scientific knowledge through collaboration with basic researchers; promote disease awareness through educational activities; and advocate for funding of clinical centers of excellence, all in an effort to support and empower those who live with NIDs diagnoses.


Accelerate knowledge and treatment of complex neuroimmune diseases by:

  • Advancing scientific discovery and access to treatments, for patients with complex NIDs through grant support for institute-based clinical research studies and onsite medical practices
  • Promoting disease understanding and awareness by sharing scientific and medical knowledge of NIDs through seminars, lectures, programs and, publications
  • Advocating on behalf of patients and their families for federal and state support of Clinical Treatment Centers of Excellence for NIDs
  • Supporting the local and international patient communities through active participation in multiple forms of communication and various outreach activities


To be a comprehensive center dedicated to translating scientific evidence into medical treatments, prevention strategies, and cures for those who are impacted by a spectrum of NIDs