This Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to join with the Whittemore Peterson Institute, WPI, in support of our life changing work.  We need your help to create and disseminate informative educational materials, for doctors and their patients, on behalf of those with ME/CFS and other post infectious diseases.

The lack of helpful information leaves these patients without the emotional and medical support that they need to endure.  During the pandemic we’ve seen how hard it is to be isolated from our normal lives due to Covid19.   Can you imagine how difficult it must be to remain isolated for years, like those with ME/CFS have done, unable work, go to school, or care for their families?

Isolation is only one of many painful consequences of living with a chronic, systemic disease.  When a patient is diagnosed with ME/CFS there is a surprising absence of medical and social support due to a great lack of accessible, expert information.  Despite decades of laboratory research most with ME/CFS leave their doctor’s offices without helpful information.  They and their families are on their own to try to figure out what to do next.

That is why it is critical that we raise the funds necessary to create and disseminate informational materials for patients, family members, and doctors that can be shared in medical, educational, and work related settings.

This Giving Tuesday, WPI will double your donation up to $10,000.00, so that we can begin creating educational pamphlets with our team of professionals and patients.  After they complete a vigorous review process, these pamphlets will be printed and delivered to hundreds of medical offices and other key institutions.

Please make your generous donations to WPI Educational Fund today and invite your friends to join you.  Your generous support will have a lasting impact on the lives of millions who can benefit from access to essential information.


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