Dear Friends,

During this time of worldwide crisis, it is important that you know the WPI remains steadfast in our mission to find answers, provide support to those who are ill, and to educate the world about the devastating impact of neuro-immune diseases.

As responsible and concerned citizens, we must also protect one another from the ravages of coronavirus disease and the loss of life.

Finding effective solutions to very real emergencies requires calm and steadfast attention to the advice provided to all of us through the consensus of experts.

While we wait expectantly for solutions to COVID 19 we should do all we can to support those who are risking their own safety to keep essential services running smoothly. Thank you to the brave doctors, nurses, and frontline responders, and to all of you doing your part to protect the vulnerable.

Your well being is important to us. To better protect yourself and others, please remember to stay safe by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and washing your hands.

Annette Whittemore

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