The Whittemore Peterson Institute held an open house on March 6th for approximately 45 invited guests. In addition to allowing the Institute to thank its generous donors in person, the occasion served as a unique educational opportunity to highlight its medical research efforts.

During the educational portion of the evening, President and CEO Annette Whittemore talked about the origin of the Institute and the negative impacts of neuroimmune diseases on millions of people throughout the world. WPI board member Sam Shad led an informal interview, followed by a question and answer period, with Dr. Kenny De Meirleir, WPI Medical Director and Dr. Vincent Lombardi, University of Nevada, Reno, research scientist. The interview explored the importance of the Institute’s collaborative research program to the discovery of effective medical treatments.

Touring the WPI’s offices, clinic, and laboratory, on the third floor of the Center for Molecular Medicine, allowed for additional engagement and learning opportunities for attendees.